He says, “if boys weren’t silly, they’d be men”.  He can’t control his hands. He’s a madman. Why does he offer me torture when I just want to be adored? Spankings or Tickling, which do you prefer?  He says I won’t want to be adored anymore once I feel accepted. My heart breaks but I don’t. 

Why are they popular when I’m cooler? He says I’m not popular simply because I am cooler. One cannot be popular while they are busy being cooler. It simply cannot be. 

“I don’t need to sell my soul. He’s already in me.” Fuck Dracula. Fame Monster: take me, please, I beg you. I want to protect the underdog by standing in front of them when the Polaroids of us fall.

I want to be a simple queen. Mother of the underdog. Owner of the unique. Empress of the odd. Every cool kid shall bow. Bow down, brown cow. We’re the cooler kids now.


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