san poils

The UPS man moves to the back of his truck where he knows he can’t be seen from outside after he’s parked it in a spot hidden from the sun and from people that still use their legs to walk. 

He’s a man in his late fifties with a droopy face and a liking for boys san poils. You can make him handsome in your mind if you want. You can only find that when they’re really young. 
The UPS man rests on an improvised stool made of packages. The air is tight and he’s sweating with excitement. A red-lipped boy of about thirteen lies tied and peacefully asleep on the floor of the truck. The UPS man has been moving back there and caressing the boy’s alabaster-like skin and watching the nameless boy sleep every few deliveries. He’s an angel. The UPS man’s brown shorts are tight but he doesn’t dare unbutton. 
It’s but a dream in the daylight…
Ele não é un violador, mais simplesmente um amante. 


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