roasted chicken

norris ate the roasted chicken then got toasted while Mother choked on the bones in the kitchen like an ogre
daddy texts him pictures of himself exposed
daddy is eager to bend him over
he’s kinda over it
daddy takes forever to nut in him
daddy’s kiss has deflated
you can tell
they feel super mushy
he’s trying to fuck Norris to prove a point
here they come

norris is beginning to think about kissing pussies
nice blonde girl named Kim from California last weekend had a pussy
norris couldn’t imagine nutting in her
but he wanted to make out with her
maul her face and let the feelings flow
admire her bleach job up close
see if she could provide him with a boner
it’s been a no show
she didn’t make out with him because of her friend, Mulan
an asian chick giving Norris the business on how gay clubs are safe zones
but homegirl’s mouth is real close though
norris thinks she wants it too though
go for a walk Mulan, norris won’t grope
he just wants kiss her gently and lick her throat
norris, you gotta learn to be more assertive
stop being such a loser